David dramm, dpt

Education: David graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with his doctorate after attending University of Wisconsin - La Crosse for his undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Fun info: David enjoys hiking, golfing, fishing, backpacking and hunting. He has a 1-year-old Labrador Retriever named River that typically accompanies him.

Experience: Clinically, David has practiced in the outpatient setting for nearly two years and has a special interest in both shoulder and knee dysfunction due to his own personal injuries. In addition to general orthopedic injuries and pain, he actively treats patients with vestibular and balance dysfunctions. He is a believer in whole body wellness and preventative medicine where physical fitness, diet and sleep are at the forefront. As a provider, his goals are to help you reduce your pain but more importantly get you back to being able to participate in what’s meaningful for you!

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